Faces Through the Years

After I updated my avatar, ntheba commented: Awesome you look soooo much younger ,in fact I wondered if you took one of your teenage pictures/college ones and put it on as a new pic? :P.

That sounded like a fun plan so I found a few photos. The first one I was 14 and weighed about 150 lbs. The next one I’m 24 and am about 11 lbs heavier than I am now. The last is one is my current one at age 42.

Ashley faces age 14 - 42

Kicking the 300′s

I stepped on the scale Thursday and saw something I had given up on ever seeing again.

Ashley 299.2I’m sorry, Three. You and I have been together a long time. Too long. You have had your time in the limelight, but now it’s time to let your slimmer sister, Two, have her time. She won’t be around as long as you before the fabulous One is going to take her place.

For the first time since 1996, I no longer have to see a three in the starting place. No more 300′s on the scale and no more 30′s on the clothing tags. I started out late March at 377 and wearing a size 34/36. I’m down to 299.2 and can now fit into 26/28 and a few 24/26!

Ashley Weigh Loss Collage Face 377 - 299

Ashley Weight Loss Collage 377 - 299

A Picture Tells the Story

It’s hard to stay motivated sometimes. I had a pretty lousy weight loss for September and even though October is picking up, I look in the mirror and feel like nothing is changing.

I’ve been interviewed on KNAT-TV three times in the last year. Today, I received a DVD for the last two interviews (one in June and the last one in September).

I noticed that the difference in my face is amazing! It was hard to grab a screen shot since I was talking, so I look a bit surprised in each one. :) But it really helps to increase the motivation to see the changes!

Ashley on KNAT Face Before and After

Here’s a fun comparison of my shrinking arse. This is from interview one and two. Click the images for full size photos.

Ashley Before and After KNAT


September was not a good month overall. Lowest weight loss so far. 316 this morning–just 4 lbs for the month.

I’m hoping October makes up for it.

To help stay motivated, I’m going to focus on the positive in September.

Bought an item of clothing from somewhere other than Catherine’s! Target Dress
Looking healthier. WOW
Broke the 60 lb gone mark! 9/14/11
Technically, not mine, but damn he is looking fine! Shrinking Face

And one final word:

Ashley Blue t-shirtMentally, I’m 21 and am athletic/flexible. In reality, I’m 42 and have a “bit of a weight problem”. (said in my best Chris Farley voice). But I’m starting to be able to rock a sports jersey t-shirt!

Shrinking Face

It’s time to brag about my husband. He has lost 68 lbs so far! Look how much smaller his face is!

Karl Before and After Face


I’m amazed at what a difference there is! I can’t believe how unhealthy I looked last year. We are making serious changes and it really shows!


Karl & Ashley Before & During September


30 lbs gone! With pics

I joined Myfitnesspal May 1. In March my husband was diagnosed with diabetes and instead of going on medication he wanted to make dietary changes and lose weight. Also, in March I was hospitalized with pneumonia and have been on oxygen full time. We both needed to make some serious changes. When I joined I had already lost 11lbs. Total is 30.6!

Since May I have:
Joined MFP.
Lost 20.2 lbs.
Didn’t have any chocolate candy.
Cut my sodium to under 2000 mg most days.
Cut my acid reflux medicine by 75%.
Have more energy. I don’t feel “weighed” down by all the extra food I was eating.
My skin is looking better.
Found lots of support!

Looking forward to the next 30 lbs gone!

Ashley 30 lb loss