366 Push-Up Challenge

I joined a push-up challenge on myfitnesspal. The plan is to add one more push-up a day so, by the end of the year, I am able to do 366 push-ups. 366? It’s a leap year. :)

Some are doing full military style push-ups and others are modifying theirs. Right now, I could do a modified knee push-up but I’m afraid with my fibromylgia there will be days when getting on the floor will be rough. I don’t want any excuses so I’m going with modified wall push-ups for this challenge.

You want to be sure to use proper form.

And for those needing to modify theirs.

For some impressive variations!

Sexier by Valentine’s Day Challenge

It’s time for another challenge on mfp. This one will run from the first of the year until Valentine’s Day. It’s a large one, too. Last time I looked, there were 388 people in the group! I’m on Team Cupid and was asked to be the Captain. I’m looking forward to a great start to 2012!

Here is a banner for your ticker if you want to show off that you are on the team!

To add it to your ticker:

Go to tools
Weight Loss Tickers
Change the style of your ticker
Pick the Personalized option
Choose a Photo. You will need to save the below photo to your computer first. Click on Choose File. Find it on your computer and then select it. Click the big green button “Upload Photo”. You will see the image preview now. You don’t need to crop it. Hit the big green button “Continue”.
Select a slider. Hit the big green button “Continue”.
Select other ticker options. Hit the big green button “Continue”.
Your Ticker Is Complete!

Team Cupid

MFP Thanksgiving Challenge

Here is a fun image for your signature on My Fitness Pal if you are participating in the Thanksgiving Challenge that jrnygirl set up.

Make sure you are logged in and go to: http://www.myfitnesspal.com/forums/signature Add the code in your signature and make sure to hit the “save changes” button.

Use this code:


This is what you will see. Looking forward to this!