Weight Loss Motivation

These past few weeks haven’t been good in the motivational department. I started off 2012 at 296.2 and had high hopes for hitting my lowest weight since 1990 by the end of February. I just needed to lose another 13 lbs. I got down to 294 and, like I knew would happen, stopped losing weight. About every 3-4 weeks, I don’t lose anything for 1-3 weeks and then I lose about 4 lbs in one week. It averages out nicely, so I wasn’t worried. Three weeks passed, then four, then five. We are now at six weeks and I’m still just bouncing around 294-296.

I stopped logging my food, then my water, then I stopped doing much exercise. Of course, this doesn’t help. I logged into myfitnesspal everyday, but I wasn’t commenting or even really reading much. I haven’t updated this site in weeks. I’m dehydrated most days, my lower back is sore from the weakened core muscles, and it’s just amazing I haven’t gotten back over 300 lbs.

I need a reboot, so to speak. I’m going to drop out of all the challenges I’m in right now and just focus on logging food and water, and getting some basic exercise in everyday.

There are some really supportive people on myfitnesspal and I don’t want to lose touch with them, so I’m hoping that by not doing so much with the challenges and other groups, I can stay better connected to them.

I don’t think I will hit my goal of 100 lbs off by April 1st, my 18th wedding anniversary, but I just might be the lowest weight Karl has ever seen me at!

On a fun note. I was writing a post for a business blog and was playing around with a program from Sherman Williams called Chip It! Basically, you take a photo and it gives you a color palette for paints. For fun, I took one of my before- and during- photos to see what it came up with.

I have to say I LOVE the color names. Talk about motivating!

Dragon Fruit – Drake, my middle name means “dragon” and pink has been referred to as my signature color!
Downing Stones – In the UK, weight is measured in “stones.” I sure would love to down more of them!
Heartthrob – Who doesn’t want to be referred to as a heartthrob? ;)
Determined Orange – I’m determined to lose this weight!

Weight Loss Color Palette

source: http://letschipit.com/Chip/bEhPa2?ow=1




  1. MistressEeyore says:

    You’re an inspiration. Remember to get back to basics and if you ever need to talk to anyone, message me and I’ll be there for you. You’re doing the right thing and you always have a team/place in my challenge. As I said I put you on personal leave and will have your team members check in with me, until you’re back to where you want and need to be. Remember your more than a team member/team captain, you’re a friend and inspiration!

  2. Ash, you are looking so awesome. Your progress so far is SO inspirational. Although you haven’t logged on MFP it hasn’t escaped my notice that you still logged on every single day – no that in itself is an accomplishment to be proud of. You CAN do this. I’m here to help and support you. ((hugs))

  3. You are amazing! I hope you look back at your pictures and see what you have accomplished so far! Don’t let that scale define you or be your only motivator. That is the quickest way to feel defeated. There is so much going on in your body when you are blessing it with good food, lots of water and some movement. Keep at it….you have come too far to turn back now!

  4. You’re beautiful. Take a few moments to remember how amazing you are and then refocus. (((HUGS)))

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