10 Minute Solution Quick Tummy Toners

10 Minute Solution Quick Tummy Toners with Jessica Smith

I tried the ab and waist definer section tonight. I have to say it’s a good ab workout, but not so overwhelming that a beginner like myself couldn’t get through it. Jessica Smith does a good job explaining how to do the basic moves.

I did have to modify a few and, even though Jessica doesn’t show or explain ways to modify them, it was simple enough to figure out how on my own.

Jessica is adorable and fun to listen to, but not in that “annoying, overly-perky way” that many fitness dvd instructors are.

This is a good workout for:

  • Beginners
  • Those short on time
  • Obese exercisers

Like all the 10-Minute Solution workouts, this one has five sections that you can do individually to get a quick mini-workout or mix and match for a longer custom cardio workout.

10-Minute Solution Quick Tummy Toners with Jessica Smith

Crunch Free Abs
No need for bunches of crunches to get a toned tummy. This workout will tighten your entire midsection without a single crunch.

Yoga Abs
Ever heard that stress contributes to abdomincal fat? In this segment, use specific yoga poses to relieve stress and tension while building strong, flat abs.

Bikini Belly
Combine calorie burning cardio with standing ab exercises to sculpt your six pack and blast away fat. This multi- tasking workout will get your belly into bikini shape–fast!

AB & Waist Definer
Use specially-designed rotational exercises to twist and turn your tummy into shape. These moves have a cinching effect on your midsection to create a beautifully-defined waistline.

Sex, Sporty Abs
Strong abs are sexy. These all-time favorite exercises will build strong, functional abs that are great for improving your game or just showing off at the beach!

You can purchase this on Amazon or get from Netflix.



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