Kicking the 300′s

I stepped on the scale Thursday and saw something I had given up on ever seeing again.

Ashley 299.2I’m sorry, Three. You and I have been together a long time. Too long. You have had your time in the limelight, but now it’s time to let your slimmer sister, Two, have her time. She won’t be around as long as you before the fabulous One is going to take her place.

For the first time since 1996, I no longer have to see a three in the starting place. No more 300′s on the scale and no more 30′s on the clothing tags. I started out late March at 377 and wearing a size 34/36. I’m down to 299.2 and can now fit into 26/28 and a few 24/26!

Ashley Weigh Loss Collage Face 377 - 299

Ashley Weight Loss Collage 377 - 299




  1. *throwing confetti in the air*
    What a wonderful accomplishment for 2011. Congrats to you!!!

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