September was not a good month overall. Lowest weight loss so far. 316 this morning–just 4 lbs for the month.

I’m hoping October makes up for it.

To help stay motivated, I’m going to focus on the positive in September.

Bought an item of clothing from somewhere other than Catherine’s! Target Dress
Looking healthier. WOW
Broke the 60 lb gone mark! 9/14/11
Technically, not mine, but damn he is looking fine! Shrinking Face

And one final word:

Ashley Blue t-shirtMentally, I’m 21 and am athletic/flexible. In reality, I’m 42 and have a “bit of a weight problem”. (said in my best Chris Farley voice). But I’m starting to be able to rock a sports jersey t-shirt!




  1. YAY TARGET!!!!! Having a choice makes everything feel wide open. You’re kicking it!

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