30 lbs gone! With pics

I joined Myfitnesspal May 1. In March my husband was diagnosed with diabetes and instead of going on medication he wanted to make dietary changes and lose weight. Also, in March I was hospitalized with pneumonia and have been on oxygen full time. We both needed to make some serious changes. When I joined I had already lost 11lbs. Total is 30.6!

Since May I have:
Joined MFP.
Lost 20.2 lbs.
Didn’t have any chocolate candy.
Cut my sodium to under 2000 mg most days.
Cut my acid reflux medicine by 75%.
Have more energy. I don’t feel “weighed” down by all the extra food I was eating.
My skin is looking better.
Found lots of support!

Looking forward to the next 30 lbs gone!

Ashley 30 lb loss



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